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Diagnostic & Drainage Reports in Detail

What do the Compulsory Diagnostic Reports cover?

  • Materials or products containing asbestos.
  • Materials containing lead.
  • The Energy efficiency of the property.
  • Safety of the Electrical Installation.
  • Safety of the Gas Installation.
  • Environmental Risks, including seismic activity, flooding and exposure to radon gas.
  • Swimming Pool Safety.
  • Termite infestation.

What does the Drainage Report Cover?

In recent years the drainage authorities have significantly tightened up on the drainage regulations. With France being a predominantly rural country, many properties rely on their own septic tank system which traditionally was designed to deal only with toilet waste. New regulations now require all waste water from kitchens and bathrooms to also be treated so that many older properties, of the type which appeal to many buyers, still retain an out of date system which may even be causing pollution

If property owners receive a non-compliant report, they can be allowed up to four years to carry out remedial work, but when the property changes hands the law requires all work has to be done in the first year of new ownership.

Why should I be concerned about these Compulsory Reports?

For example electrical and drainage regulations have undergone significant changes down the years so unless you are buying a modern house there is potential for significant expenditure if the vendors have chosen to ignore the need to keep their property up to date - particularly if they know it is likely to be offered for sale.